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Musings 2012/262

His body, his soul, have been given to him.

What he does
with these marvellous Gifts
is the ONLY thing
that really and truly belongs to him.

It is indeed true that what The Almighty has given to him--his body and his soul--is his forever, but the fact remains that they were GIVEN to him.
His choice, his use of his freewill, is totally and wholly his own, and upon these choices his whole eternity relies.

So, it is quite apparent that,
to avoid suffering,
the LAST thing one would want done,
is to remove the freewill of man.

Yet, as I state,
it is his freewill
through which suffering
has come upon man
Suffering of Christ
If we gaze upon Jesus' incomparable Suffering, the torture and the death of The Lamb of God, we perceive that this Suffering is a Prayer beyond comprehension;

a Prayer bringing about the Salvation
of the entire universe.

Jesus' Suffering is Salvation--not His Resurrection.
His Resurrection is
the result of His Suffering, just as our resurrection will be the result of His Suffering.

In Jesus and His Cross,
we glimpse the meaning of suffering
--it is prayer.

Once or twice, I have mused upon suffering as a prayer, quoting from Scripture, showing how God--most fully aware of every suffering--dispenses His Mercy and Grace to those who suffer.
Indeed, the rhythm of life can be seen in man's suffering, in man's repentance, in man's salvation.
How many great Saints of The Church were once sinners of some stature who, having experienced suffering, turned to The Almighty!
How often has Israel of old borne the pangs of suffering and thereby returned to their divine destiny!
Suffering is Prayer
It is the same for us today.
Our suffering is prayer.

Suffering came out of rebellion
and is a natural
for rebellion.

It is true that some suffer even though they are sinless and of course, The Almighty recompenses them with greater reward but He also, through their suffering, brings other souls to Salvation.
Many Saints, imitating the sinless Jesus, embraced their crosses, deeming themselves unworthy of such suffering, yet knowing that they will reach the highest Heaven thereby and fulfil their absolute desire for The Will of God.
Most of us are not so courageous.
We do not have the marvellous perception of the great Saints,

who perceive suffering as,
not just a prayer,
but the greatest of prayers.

On the contrary we are happy to avoid any and all suffering and even if we realise that we might gain greater Graces thereby, we are content to be relieved of all suffering, content to take a lower place in Paradise.
Unfortunately, I am one of those.
Suffering is the result of malfunction
God is Good and all He created is Good.
God created the human being, Adam and from him, Eve, perfectly.
They rebelled. They brought upon themselves, upon their descendents:- malfunction.
No longer were they perfect human beings, but their capacities were contaminated by rebellion and no longer capable of the greatness God gave them; intended for them and their posterity.
Even in our own experiences, if something goes wrong--with a machine e.g.--that machine is malfunctioning and will result in damage.
In everything we do and in everything we observe, this is the way of things--it is natural; it is the way of creation; it is pure common sense; it is logical and reasonable.
If the alternator in a motor car suddenly ceases to function, the vehicle will eventually follow suit and cease to function. This malfunction will cause a message to be transmitted to the driver, warning him to do something about this.
We observe in this, that malfunction in one part, unless corrected, can cause malfunction in the entire machine.
The malfunction in the physical human body similarly gives warning to the person--something is wrong and needs attention. This warning comes by way of pain--that is, suffering.
Suffering is a warning
We may view suffering as something to absolutely avoid, but we would have to make immediate exceptions.
We would not, for instance, desire that all pain cease to exist, in case one of our organs malfunctioned. The absence of pain should an organ malfunction would encourage us to think that all is well, when in fact, a vital organ is in dire distress and will lead to death.
Just as suffering in the body is a physical warning, so is suffering a spiritual warning.
It is sin that causes suffering in mankind, even to the sinless, and herein is the warning from The Almighty, Who thereby

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