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Musings 2012/262

in The Eternal-kingdom would not have been as great as now available to him by reason of the fact that Adam did sin and because Christ did suffer and die.

I have to contend that,
because suffering
came upon man
and was shared
by The Christ,
then his original perfection,
available to Adam and Eve,
has been multiplied
for his seed.

Trial by suffering
The original trial of our first parents was a simple requirement not to eat of the forbidden fruit.
Had Adam passed this test, one is able to perceive that the merits gained thereby would have been marvellous.
However, to pass the test of suffering, as we know was borne by The Christ--and by billions of Adam's seed, must gain greater merits, one would have to argue.
Much, much, much greater Merits.
In the first place, in Eden, merit would have been gained by Adam, which of course, as we glimpse, would have been wonderful, but the Merits gained by Jesus The suffering Christ--what of those?

It therefore seems to me
that the perfection
to be gained by man,
through suffering,
can be compared
and measured
to the merits
gained by Adam
had he not sinned,
as to those gained
by the suffering Christ.

We can perceive in this, that the new Perfection of man is so far superior to the original perfection of Adam, as to be incomprehensible.
Because of the freewill of man and because of his suffering--which resulted from this freewill--The Almighty was able to raise a creature to such perfection as to be able to share The Godhead, absolutely and forever,

as could be done
in no other way.

One of the anguished cries from parents, teachers and many others, is that young people nowadays, are not prepared to take responsibility for their actions.
The government is to blame. Society is to blame. Anything and everything is to blame, except themselves.
Sadly, this is also reflected in us older people as well.
We are sinners.
We must accept responsibility.
In Adam, all humanity sinned; for we are his seed--thanks be to God.

We with Adam, take responsibility.

And we, with Jesus The Christ,
also take the glory.
Even if a person believed nothing of what I have written, at least believe the last:- With Jesus we rise to glory.
Suffering is our lot--suffering is our prayer--suffering is Christ's Prayer--might as well make the most of it.
Even should we rebel and declare that God does not prove His Goodness by allowing suffering, and take the course of evil, we will still suffer, and suffer much more, but even worse, we will reach the very depths of suffering and depravity--hell.
Everything is to be gained with Christ, and with Christ, the road is one of suffering.
P 7 16 24 Then Jesus said to his disciples: If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.
47 16 25 For he that will save his life, shall lose it: and he that shall lose his life for my sake, shall find it.
P Matthew
to lose without Him, for if Heaven is incomprehensible joy, what then of hell--incomprehensible suffering!!!!
The Eucharist--Come unto Me
Christ used suffering to redeem humanity but He also uses suffering to bring forth a particular delight and glory.
He does this in The Eucharist, where He is present, Body, Soul, Divinity.
Part of our suffering on earth is the limited use of our physical, mental and spiritual abilities.
It has been stated that we are limited to 10% - others state 5%.
Because of our limited capacities we can not fully comprehend the Real Presence in the Eucharist.
If we could fully comprehend It, we would withdraw from participation or if we participated, we would not dare approach until we were perfect, spiritually, and even then, only on bended knees and in continual and perfect prayer, after great penance.

In short we would never
approach the holy Eucharist.

In our awful limitations, Christ takes the opportunity to share Himself with us.
In His mercy and love, He encourages us to communicate, forgiving us our lack of worthiness, for we
don't know what we are doing.
Through His Church, He encourages us to communicate daily!!!
It is clear then that, through suffering, we are enabled to freely participate in The Sacrament of Sacraments; where,

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