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delights as the fullness of The Era of Peace unfolds.  ...go
2-May-06   The Spirit's Era which will bring Peace around the world for a very long period   ...go
5-May-06    Even in Peace on earth, difficulties will remain.  ...go
11-May-06     How grand it is to be steadfast - such as was the first Pope, Peter, the Rock   ...go
25-May-06   Yet He, being The Person of The Son of God, His Humanity was given a nature of divinity  ...go
8-Jun-06    The Son of God - my Son - took the name:- Son of Man   ...go
14-Jun-06.    The days do seem to drag on and the world still seems dominated by evil    ...go
23-Jun-06   My gratitude to my adored Son was equal to my anguish and my recognition of Salvation was equal to my breaking heart   ...go
27-Jun-06    My little son, I love you. It is The very Love of God that energises our union for Jesus  ...go
30-Jun-06   ... ensuring that great masses of children are prepared for Heaven   ...go
5-Jul-06.  Continue along the Way I lead you and you will always feel...
... my love   
18-Jul-06.   Thank you for remaining true to The Sacred Heart of Jesus and as well, to my Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart   ...go
28-Jul-06   Hold my outstretched hand and Let's walk together along this Way   ...go
10-Aug-06  Look upon the people that come your way from day to day and observe them as persons issuing directly from The Eternal-father   ...go
17-Aug-06.   How very aware is He of my Children, those who follow His Son.   
25-Aug-2006   Continue along our pathway, the Way of The Immaculate Conception, the highway to world peace   
15-Sep-06   Fortunate are we creatures of God who will attain to The Sight of God   ...go
31-Aug-06   you should have every confidence in the future   ...go
22-Sep-06   the saving of the Holy Souls from Purgatory and Limbo   ...go
26-Sep-06   It is a beautiful thing that God required that my Victory be made possible only with and through my beloved   
28-Sep-06.   Thank you, Angels, Saints and Holy Souls, Warriors of The Lord   
13-Oct-06   At Bethlehem I brought the world - the universe - The Prince of Peace, Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.   ...go
26-Oct-06.    How stupendous is our God Who gave us freewill     
1-Nov-06   I accepted the agony and the glory on behalf of creation.   
9-Nov-06    He is Peace and He is in the world, awaiting to blossom in every heart   
.   Jesus so delights in my perfect reflection of The Eternal-father  ...go
27-Nov-06   This is my role as a Mother - a role I dearly love and cherish and into which I put my entire effort ...go
4-Dec-06    Indeed, time in Heaven is measured by the unending movement of the soul's delight  ...go
8-Dec-06   This is the banner - The Immaculate Conception - by which the victory over the red dragon has been accomplished   ...go
8-Jan-07   Your rewards will be a multiplication of your perseverance and patience and docility.   ...go
18-Jan-07  Do I not need comfort beneath The Cross at Golgotha?    ...go
1-Feb-07  Thus the greater the Gift one has, the greater is his humility     
16-Feb-07   It is The Cross that saves all souls   ...go
22-Feb-2007   This greatest Commandment is clearly observed in the Ten Commandments which are the sure guidelines to Eternal-life 
14-Mar-07   This period of time is given over to raising my Triumph to its greatest heights  ...go
22-May-07   Let Peace consume your soul and radiate from you at all moments  ...go
13-Jun-07  The meek will inherit the earth and prosperity will be shared by all   ...go
   This Man is Jesus Christ, my adored Son and it was for Him - alone - that I was given my Immaculate Conception    ...go
18-Jul-07.   You do not realise the importance of this action of yours...go
16-Aug-07   As you have perceived The Eucharist will become apparent to everyone ...go
31-Aug-07.   We are able to celebrate this Triumph for Jesus already ...go
11-Oct-07    The great Patriarch Joseph is there for my children, for they are also his children 
18-Oct-07  My little children then have the mission of embracing The Peace of which I speak and to radiate It everywhere   ...go
8-Nov-07   You have grasped the intention of mine - to lead you to Peace   ...go
17-Nov-07   The Event of The Christ is the pivot of creation, spiritually and physically, and it colours all creation from the beginning to the end   ...go
18-Dec-07    Keep drawing closer to The Eucharist of The Church realising the momentous Truth of Jesus' total Presence in The Living Bread    ...go
    for Joseph will be the impulse upon The Spirit of Peace    ...go
24-Jan-08  The soul that embraces Goodness is the first to recognise Truth  ...go
31-Jan-08   ... the Good God gives me The Triumph for Jesus but only with the help of my children. 
4-Feb-08.   Nothing can disturb this Peace - not even death. 
8-Feb-08   This is because creation is interwoven, for it reflects the Immensity, Glory and Perfection of The Creator    ...go
12-Feb-08   Jesus looks at the perseverance of my children not the results of their work 

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