A Word to the Wise

When I saw the old lady - she was ninety years old - I became most aware of her fragility.
Yet, she could still walk and carry out all the functions of a human being, even if her performance was slow and, at times, appeared most difficult.
Yes, and ? I queried the old sage.
And it occurred to me that no scientist was able to manufacture a robot that was anywhere as good as that old lady.
Ah, yes. Good point.
In fact, if a scientist invented a robot that was 1 thousandth as good, he would be called a genius.
So, we have forgotten just how marvellous is the human body, even if it is extremely old.
True. But many godless intellectuals might even think that euthanasia was the best thing for that old lady!
The culture of death?
The culture of death.
However, the thought that came to me when I saw that old lady, was 'How marvellous is God and the creatures He creates!'
Yes, and even if science finally imitated God and brought forth a robot that substantially replicated a human being, science would still recognise it vast limitations.
With regard to the spirit - the soul?
Yes, for the soul is vastly superior to the body.
You perceive what I am getting at, then? The greatness of God and the greatness of His Works.

And the considerable limitations we find within ourselves, before God.

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