A Word to the Wise


Mary's Triumph

You know that the Blue Book has the blessed Virgin telling us that her triumph over the 'red dragon' would be complete by 1998? challenged the old sage.
Yes, I remember that very well. We expected many and marvellous things to come about by the end of the twentieth century.
And what happened? he asked.
According to the physical senses, nothing at all. In fact things seemed to worsen!
And what happened at the Crucifixion? Did Christ overcome the devil and all evil?
Of course He did. Salvation came to all creation through His Death on the Cross.
Yes. True that is. Yet who knew about that when it happened?
I don't know. Maybe only a hundred people really knew. The Salvation of Christ only became known over a period of time. Even now, 2,000 years later, some people still do not realise that Jesus triumphed through the Cross.
Unfortunately true - that this truth is still not known to everyone. But it is a certain fact that, at the Saviour's Cross all evil was conquered. At that instant Jesus triumphed.
And the point you are making is ...?

I am saying that Mary's triumph must be considered in the same light as her Son's Triumph.


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