A Word to the Wise

The Will of God
We were speaking about abortion - the murder of the unborn - and why this total offence against The Holy Trinity is so horrific before all mankind.
The old sage mentioned the instance of rape and whether abortion, in that case, should be permitted.
He spoke of
God's permitted will and His designed will!
'What is this?' I asked immediately, as I reached for my pen from my pocket and searched for paper on which to make notes. 'God's Will can be viewed from two perspectives?'
(I knew instantly that these were words for the wise.)
Yes, of course. While God condemns rape He permits it because He will not take away the freewill of mankind. So the conception of a child from rape can be viewed as God's permitted will.
'And the child can not be blamed for his own conception even in a sinful situation,' I offered.
True. God therefore does not refuse salvation to a child conceived by way of rape.
On the other hand, a child conceived by loving parents who view the conception as procreation - bringing forth a new life through marital intercourse with the benediction of The Creator -  can be viewed as
God's designed Will!'Yes. This is simple and clear thinking; it is good stuff, old sage. This is wisdom.'


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