A Word to the Wise

Life Wasn't Meant
to be Easy

So says a previous Prime Minister of Australia, began the old sage.
For the most part I think he was right, old sage. Jesus seems to imply this when He states:- 'Make your way in by the narrow gate. It is a broad gate and wide road that leads on to perdition.'
Indeed. Life is a very serious matter. We begin to realise this when disease and death come close to us. Still, many do not see the seriousness of matters of the spirit, even then!!
Sad but true. Life on earth is not an easy thing, but it is eternal life after departing earth that must attract our greatest attention.
How do we know this? old sage asked.
That's what religion is all about, isn't it?
Yes, but I was thinking about certain realities that positively prove what I am saying. I was thinking about the astonishing atrocities committed upon Jesus, even though He is God Who took to Himself a human Soul and Body.
Yes, that is a sure and awful proof that life on earth wasn't 'meant to be easy'.
Even more. I ask you: Does not the existence of hell tell us that life on earth is an absolutely critical period of our existence.
Life is serious.
That does tell us that. A very frightening truth, old sage.
And the existence of the demon of hatred, deception and death?
Yes. We need to perceive the truth of what you are saying with far greater clarity.
If only men and women could keep their ambitions centred upon God's exquisite intention for their eternal livelihood. Then, even if 'life wasn't meant to be easy', they would experience 'the Love'

and 'the Peace' of Christ, even on earth.   W

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