A Word to the Wise

Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
(Matthew 22:39 Leviticus 19:18.)
So says Scripture.
To date I have not found a Christian of any denomination who does not agree with this!
Of course you haven't. Who would go against this teaching? No person who calls himself a Christian would dare defy the very basis of Christianity - Christ's commandment of love for God and for neighbour!
It is true that all denominations of Christianity claim with the greatest vigour, that they support, promote and fulfil the Commandment of Love.
Even the apostasy of modernism dared not publicly stand against Christ's command to 'love thy neighbour'.
Yes. Yes, we agree. Like many in the world, modernism preached - that is, it seemed to preach - what it did not observe itself. In fact the 'love' that modernism preached was typical of its overall deception. The 'love' of modernism was love of self and love of pleasure, which not only rejected the 'first and greatest' Commandment, but included in its archive of rebellion a hatred for all of the Ten Commandments.
Anyone who looks will see that truth.
On the other hand, I have to ask the question:- How is it that many 'Christians' do not love Mary?
Hmmm. You are asking:- Do these 'Christians' then fail the first and greatest Commandment?
Prayer of the Faithful
I have observed that some Priests allow political statements to be included in the Prayer of the Faithful during Mass.
A most galling thing to stomach, especially as they are often of a socialist nature.
For those (and other unacceptable so-called petitions) we should refrain from the usual 'Lord, hear our prayer'.
That's a good one, old sage. I would like to hear silence after some of these petitions.


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