A Word to the Wise

How do you see death? asked the old sage.
Death! I see death in many ways. An end of our lives on earth and the beginning of our lives in eternity, hopefully in Heaven.
OK. What adjective would you use to describe death, though?
I suppose that death conjures up the word 'agony' in my mind.
That would apply with most people, I think. Yet, when I recently sat by the deathbed of a cousin of mine, I suppose I was consumed in thought  by his wonderful personality and by his exemplary life. Perhaps I was united to him in a special way at that moment, because I experienced something exquisitely wonderful.
You were so close to him at that moment, in spirit and in prayer.
That's true, and for a couple of moments, as I sat there, I felt a warm astonishing excitement. Yet that excitement, I am totally sure, did not originate from me!
It came from your cousin?
That is the only explanation.
On his death-bed!?
So, you are saying that your cousin was feeling a surge of excitement which was so powerful as to overflow to you, who was at his bedside?
Yes, and I can understand this because my cousin's whole purpose of his life was to gain Heaven.
He was greatly excited in his death-throes because he was close to gaining his lifelong ambition: Heaven?
That I will have to ponder on.


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