A Word to the Wise

Parish consists of real-Catholics.

It is easy to think that The Church is going astray when you see defiance everywhere, old sage.
It would be if you thought The Church was made up of post-modernists.
But the modernist deceptions and innovations are so wide-spread!
That makes no difference. The Church is made up of real-Catholics.
Still, in this state, is really looks like The Church is made up of post-modernists.
It looks that way, but that is not the case, for mortal sin separates a person from God and from The Church.
Surely, not all of the people who follow the modernist trend have mortal sins?
No, these will return with good and courageous Priests. Always it is true that a real-Parish is made up of real-Catholics, only.
So our Parish numbers are quite low!!


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