A Word to the Wise

How great is The Catholic Faith!
remarked the old sage.
Is that a question or a statement?
It's a statement because the faith of the real-Catholic is one of continuing and astonishing delight.
How can you say that, old sage? Surely in this period of time, the real-Catholic is marginalised and despised by the post-modernists. His life is a misery because of the abuses he sees in the Sacraments.
Yes, that's true, too. But the real-Catholic has an interior trust and a sure knowledge that, as long as he follows the Pope and his Magisterium, he is Heaven-bound on a wave of Truth.
That is quite true, but you stated 'astonishing delight'! Are you saying we have agony and ecstasy together?
Definitely. Don't you see that the agony drives us all the more into the arms of the Blessed Mother who takes us all the further into The Sacred Heart of Her divine Son?
If that is the case, then real-Catholics in this era are actually, in a sense, martyrs.
And so I repeat,
How great is The Catholic Faith! 


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