A Word to the Wise

God's Will for me.

How do you know the Will of God for your personal life, old sage?
I don't.
You don't?
Of course not. I know that He has established His Church and has given us The Commandments. These everyone must follow. But for my own personal part in God's Plan of Salvation, I can only follow my situation, my place in time and space which He has given me, from one day to the next.
Yes. I suppose so. We have to develop from day to day and look to God to help us fulfil our part in His exquisite will.
That's true enough, but we are given impulse at every second as we proceed through life. The people that come into our lives; the incidents that change our outlook - these have influence on who and what we are.
But we still have our freewill.
Of course. We do not have to follow every impulse that presents itself to us from moment to moment.
But surely we can make our own impulses?
That is also true. Everything we say and do and even think, affects the progress of God's creation from second to second.
Must we then take the initiative or await God's instructions?
God wants us to live our lives within the broad but compelling parameters of His Commandments, following Jesus Christ and His Universal Church,  and in living thus, to daily act in accord with our conscience, for His glory and for the salvation of souls.


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