A Word to the Wise

Saint Joseph
Thinking about the household of Nazareth we can easily visualise Jesus
helping His father, Joseph, in his carpentry work,
learning the wonderful skills that would support Him in His adult life
- to become creative, productive and helpful to His parents and His neighbours.
Joseph would have, no doubt, made beautiful functional things for Mary
and taught Jesus to do the same.
Making gifts to please Mary
doing beautiful things to please Mary,
speaking tender words to console Mary,
would have been at the heart of Joseph's and Jesus' love life.
The little Lamb of God learnt the art of such gestures
From His father -
at least in His human nature He did.
As He has told us in the Gospel of John
1 do what 1 see My
Father doing.
Thinking on the subject of the Passover Meal,
we can visualise the Child Jesus sitting at table
with His father and mother,
listening to Joseph incant the very prayers
He would pray at the Last Supper.
It is hard for us not to surmise
that having heard His father pray these prayers over and over again at table,
that He would not have been thinking
of His father Joseph that night,
and being consoled by the thought of him
becoming the first fruit of His redemptive Sacrifice on The Cross.
We must be filled with awe,
do you not think,
at the majesty of Joseph's
mission on earth -
father to Jesus,
husband to Mary!


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