A Word to the Wise

Benedict XVI and the post-modernists

What are those apostates, the post-modernists in The Church, going to do now that we have another great Pope, old sage?
Well, I suppose, when they get over their rage, they will do two things. First they will update their prepared campaign should they not get their anti-pope. Second, they will intensify their efforts to keep a basic presence of evil in the new Era of The Spirit, knowing that their time is about finished.
So, what is their 'prepared campaign'?
I don't know.
What is your guess, then?
They will re-consider going into schism. They will consider murdering the Pope. They will await instructions from below. But they will realise that the era of the devil is at its close.
Good. So how will they keep a presence in a new Era of Love?
They have already prepared for that. They have their 'masters' scattered around the world in a 144 locations so that when the devil is dismissed a remnant of his minions will remain. But they will take further precautions to ensure survival.
That is frightening, old sage. You are saying that evil will continue even after the devil is totally dismissed.
Unfortunately, yes.
What then is your suggestion for the real-Catholics under these circumstances?
Remember that we are in the Year of The Eucharist. We must totally realise the Truth of The Real Presence and the Almightiness of It.
I often think of the days when I enjoyed unimpeded access to, first the Church and then after its desecration by the modernist Priest, the 'Tabernacle space'.
Even though I was not able to attend Holy Mass each day, I was always able to visit Jesus and, in reflecting upon this now, I recall how I was able to easily resist temptation and remain focused on the Holy One.
It is because of my inability to access the 'Tabernacle space' that I have had difficulty resisting temptation and it is now that I have a far greater understanding of

"Unless you eat the flesh
of the Son of Man
and drink His Blood,
you shall not have life in you" .

Of course, being in the very Presence of the Son of Man is also quite amazing and indescribable. Being one of the walking dead has absolutely no appeal whatsoever. I yearn for a personal restoration of a daily access to The Treasure - the greatest Gift He gave us - and I yearn for the day when all mankind will appreciate, love and adore that Treasure.
The love we give, being an imperfect love, is perfected, magnified and returned to swallow us in sublime ecstasy. In short, my answer is:-
turn to Christ in the Eucharist.
Ok old sage - you have allowed your poetical insight a free reign. Thank you for that.


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