A Word to the Wise

The Holy Rosary - Promoted Once-a-year?

You have resigned from leading the Holy Rosary in Nambour have you?
I feel really bad about that, old sage, but I felt I should. I wanted to have the school kids join in but the school principal stated that they get instruction on the Rosary in October - and the Parish Priest believes my suggestions do not help at all.
It seems that the teachers are hell bent on teaching the Holy Rosary during October. I wonder which month they allocate to the teaching of English, which they allocate to Social Studies, which to Maths etc. This certainly seems like a strange way to enlighten students and to ensure that they retain knowledge through frequent reference to the subject matter.
You make a good point there, old sage. This wondrous prayer is a daily need, not a once-a-year reminder.
It is even more then that. Take that prominent hero of the tennis world who was on television a couple of weeks ago. He made reference to his boyhood days when he was 'forced' by his parents to go to Holy Mass 'on Sundays' and he 'didn't want to be there' and how much he 'hated it'.
My response is:- I forced our children to go to school, to tie their school shoe laces, to clean their teeth, to make their beds, to go to Holy Mass etc, etc, etc.
I suppose they hated all of those things in varying degrees and, guess what; they still do all of those things today, with varying degrees of determination.
I'm not sure if there is a message in there but, I suggest that daily (or at least, very frequent) recitation of the Holy Rosary as a family may have helped retain those values/practices.

Well, sage old fellow, allow me to tell you there is most certainly a message there and an excellent one at that. In fact there is a whole lesson here which should be told to the world.


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