A Word to the Wise

Deserving Disobedient Priests?

We probably deserve the disobedient Priests we have around us, you know!
suggested the old sage.
You can't blame real-Catholics for modernist Priests!
Look back a few decades and ask yourself: 'Did we appreciate the wonderful Priests of those days or did we take them for granted?''
Well yes, I have to admit I took them for granted. I have thanked them for what they did, but I had no idea then, of the magnificence of the true Priests of Jesus Christ.
You see? We did not appreciate them. Now, when we attend the Holy Mass of a good Priest, we are overcome with thankfulness and love for God and His Priesthood.
When we are privileged to hear the sermon of a real-Priest, we are filled with delight and well-being! Correct?
Most certainly.
And should we be graced by going to a good Priest in Confession, do we not come out on a spiritual high?
Of course, old sage.
If we did not appreciate the divine-grandeur of Catholic Priests in better days, then, when the modernist apostasy has been totally vanquished and The Church once more provides real-Priests, will we not be all the better for it?
Yes, we will.
And will we then truly appreciate, as never before, the Priesthood of Jesus Christ and guard it as a treasure beyond price?
Do you see how God brings Goodness out of evil?
I do, old sage. I see now that the apostasy of modernism will ensure for centuries to come, that Catholics will not loose the Truth concerning the Priesthood that gives us The Eucharist and the Confessional. Yes, if it wasn't for modernism we might still be taking Christ's Priesthood for granted.
As I said we have probably deserved the Priests that modernism forced upon us.
In that case, it is even more fortunate that we have always prayed for our Priests - for us, as well as for them.


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