A Word to the Wise

The Archbishop's Prayer to The Holy Spirit Campaign

How do you perceive the Archbishop's prayer campaign to The Holy Spirit, old sage?
Hmmm, yes. If the Arch wants to bring his Archdiocese, in the main, back to Catholicism, then he is asking for many and massive miracles.
You lack confidence in this?
I have to ask:- Will this prayer campaign come from the Archdiocese or from a small minority? Is there the will in the Archdiocese to sincerely call out to The Spirit?
Surely all we need is The Will of God?
Yes. Yes. Yet God does not interfere with a person's freewill. What of the Priests in control of Parishes who dissent on Church teaching? The abuses in Holy Mass? Occult rituals? Proper order for the Sacraments? Lack of Catholic education in Catholic schools? Selection of teachers for Catholic schools? The sad fact of 'Tabernacle spaces'? The lack of seminarians? The failure to proclaim the sinfulness of homosexuality, artificial contraception, abuse of the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, etc.? The lack of example and of encouragement for Catholic piety such as the Rosary, Benediction, first Fridays and Saturdays, Divine Mercy, etc.?
A litany of ills, old sage?!
Sorry, but yes! Oh, there is plenty more. What of the need to have our Catholic newspaper cull out the anti-Catholic articles? The disastrous falling away of attendance at Holy Mass! The awful, dubious artworks in 'Catholic' institutions including the Cathedral!
Yes, OK. It's far too gigantic for us and must seem so even for the Archbishop, but surely The Holy Spirit will overcome all obstacles with ease?
True - yet everything is conditional. While there are numerous other disasters within the Archdiocese, on top of what I have said, there is also the external problems such as government legislation favouring easy divorce and homosexual activities; there is the accelerating trend in the mass media towards pornography, materialism, etc. - the spread of easy abortion!
So, to cut a long story short - the big question:- will this prayer campaign succeed?
If the Archbishop courageously co-operates with The Eternal-spirit - that is the only condition in my view for he is a descendant of the Apostles - then the campaign will succeed beyond our wildest dreams and succeed swiftly.
In that case I have another question:- Will the Archbishop co-operate?
Most definitely, yes.
Well, old sage, you just answered my original question.


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