A Word to the Wise

We Can Expect a Period of Peace

Well old sage, modernism is defeated but its poison still circulates through The Church's veins!
Yes. This has to be God's Will - of course. No doubt more time is given the world before the removal of the father of death, at which time we can expect considerable repercussions around the world.
Perhaps it's like the days of Noah, when God gave the world a new beginning?
I think so.
So how is it that modernism still infects The Church?
Perhaps it is like an ocean liner which, when put into reverse to halt a dangerous direction, still forges forward through the waves through its own momentum.
You have to recall that modernism has been the greatest apostasy of all time - it's a combination of all heresy and deception since time began. It has infected not only religion but science and the mass media and society as a whole.
The twentieth century with its numerous and mammoth man-made disasters highlights what you say.
Nevertheless, The Church is restoring its integrity - or, The Holy Spirit is. The unchanging Truths have been reaffirmed and Tradition has resumed its central importance in parallel with sacred Scripture.
So, how does more time for the world save more souls?
I would think only The Almighty would know that. But the devil's century is over and perhaps time is needed for the world to recover; for The Church to stabilise; for sanity to reassert itself.
Perhaps also, extra time has been given the post-modernists, to repent and turn back to The Church?
That too. But if we are in a third era, the Era of The Spirit, then we can expect to perceive Him in action in bringing about a great desire for Goodness - a heart-felt recognition of Truth - a general embracing of Love.
We can expect a period of peace.


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