A Word to the Wise

Do you realise that Good Friday this year, the 25th. March, is the day St. Augustine claims as the actual day of Christ's Passion and His Death on the Cross?
No. Something to think on, old sage.
The 25th. March is also the date on which The Church celebrates the Annunciation of The Lord!
Even more interesting. What do you make of this? Can we expect something special for that day?
I think you and I and other real-Catholics believe that there is no such thing as coincidence; I believe that everything that happens, to anyone who believes in and tries to live according to His Will, happens in accordance with that Will.
Besides sin.
God does not will for evil and that's what Good Friday is all about.
Carry on ...
I don't know how to explain it other than to say that the Lord intended dying on the anniversary of the Annunciation and that He had plans for all of His creatures who He brought into this world on THAT day, i.e. the Annunciation and Good Friday. I also believe that He has special plans for all He brings into this world on His birthday.
God has special plans for everyone, old sage.
True. I suppose I'm thinking of unusual plans. I don't know what plans, precisely - however, I am sure that we will find out, eventually.
That's for sure.


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