A Word to the Wise

A Look at Time

Augustine muses on time. 'What is time?' he asks. What do you think old sage?
Time I think, is a wondrous gift from God, because with time we may repent.
Yes. The Angels do not live in time as we do. When they made a decision for or against their Creator, that was it. The decision was made and was made forever.
So, you think that because we live in time where there is a before and an after, that if we sin against God one day, we are able to repent the next day?
That's the way it seems to me. We measure time by using movements of the heavenly bodies, but perhaps in the past the earth spun on its axis much faster then it does now!
In that case there would have been more days in a year then there are now?
Presuming that the earth's orbit around the sun did not change in time - yes.
Ah! So if the earth was closer to the sun perhaps it would have orbited the sun faster and so the year would have been shorter then it is now?
If that happened, that might explain in part, why Methusaleth lived so long.
Perhaps, if that were the case, then we might return to that orbit?


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