A Word to the Wise

Work Together or Wither

You are reading Scripture, old sage?

Yes. John 15. 'I am the vine. You are the branches. Anyone who does not remain in me will be thrown out like a branch and wither.'

And .?

The Priest today used this passage to urge the congregation to stick together - to work together - as one Catholic community! He claimed if we don't work together we'll 'wither' like 'the branch' that does not 'bear fruit'.

And that's true.

He further stated that we must be like a football team with the same aims, etc.

Yes, that's right, too.

Why then, doesn't he work together with the Pope and his Magisterium, specially in the Liturgy?

Post modernism likes to make it's own rules which replace Church regulations. You know that, old sage.

Yes. They take the right to bye-pass Church regulations but woe betide those who would bye-pass their own.

That's the way they work.

I think this must be a type of insanity; typical of human nature to some degree. I break the rules of the state and think 'that's OK', but if anyone breaks my rules, it becomes a criminal offence, and I am hurt to the quick.

Never mind old sage. Post-modernism won't be around much longer. It is history.



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