A Word to the Wise

Stay at Your Post

Old sage, it sometimes seems to me that we are hitting our heads against a brick wall by staying in this Parish.
Oh yes?
The innovations in the Liturgy continue. The sermons steer clear of real-Catholic grunt. So few join in The Rosary or present themselves in the Tabernacle space. The Sacraments are treated as if they were psychological props. And so on - you know the story.
I can only agree with your observations.
I can understand why large numbers become non-religious; why many look to other 'Christian' groups that seem to offer black-and-white choices, rather then greyness; why our best people become susceptible to what seems to be better alternatives!
These awful things are happening. But we are obliged to  remain with 'Peter', the Pope.
It is our duty to stand at our post; to stay alert; to persevere, as we await the total demise of modernism.
You are right of course, but it is so uncomfortable, so frustrating, so painful.
It is these discomforts and frustrations and pains that will save our Parish.
And again you are right but I keep feeling that we are achieving nothing and that we are being deprived of the fullness of our Faith.
Remember this:- It is we real-Catholics that make up the real-Parish. The cafeteria-Catholics are a passing fancy.
Remember this:- if we real-Catholics were not there then the Parish would indeed disintegrate.
Remember this:- the Parish will survive ONLY because a remnant of real-Catholics remained faithful.
I guess so, old sage. I suppose I just need that reminder. Thank-you.
And thank-you too. I need to be reminded myself.


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