A Word to the Wise

Give me a Sign for These Times

Tell me old sage, what is a catalyst that will eject us into the fullness of the New Era of The Spirit of Love?
A very hard question. Do you think I am a prophet?
It must be a hard question - you answer it with a question!
And ?
I'm thinking. I'm thinking.
There are many results that will issue when the Era becomes evident. The Church will become the Light for the World. Surely we will be in a new Eden where man regains his original capacities and facilities; had by Adam and Eve.
I would think that the basic Catholic characteristics - adoration of Christ in The Eucharist; devotion to Mary, Joseph and the Archangel; obedience to the Pope - will become the norm.
In particular, I would think that the  perception of Christ's real Presence in The Eucharist will become an astonishing, grace-filling reality to one and all.
There will be an era of peace.
So, what will take place, or what is first necessary - perhaps a sign? - that will eject us into this Era of Peace? I want to know so that I can particularly pray for it.
This is indeed a wonderful question and I am already intrigued by it.
I would think there are many catalysts but just knowing one would be very nice. 
What you are seeking is a physical sign or action that will be observed by everyone and evident to Mary's children.
Let me get back to you.


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