A Word to the Wise

Transforming my Own Parish

Well old sage, tell me; have you come up with an answer to my question
What is a physical sign or action that will be a catalyst to the outpouring of the Era of The Spirit?
I myself, have not come up with an answer. But an answer may have been given to me.
I had this intriguing question on my mind as I prayed in the "Tabernacle-space", where I distinctly  received this strong suggestion "Transform your Parish into a real-Catholic Parish".
Yes. That is truly a surprising thing. I had expected you to say 'seek a massive illumination - a great sign in the sky' or something like that, that would influence the whole world.
That God would "do His thing"? No. The more I think about this "transforming my own Parish", the more I feel that this may be an answer to your question. We must get in and do the ground-work, so to speak. Pray for obedience to The Church within our Parish. Try to get the "little things" right around us.
Right. I am absolutely impressed and amazed with what you say. What was the old saying? "Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves".
Instead of seeking an instant world-wide transformation, we should perhaps, seek a transformation in our own circle!
So, we should do what?
Pray for the Parish Priest as a priority. A real-Priest works miracles in the lives of his faithful and maintains his Parish as an exquisite Garden of The Church's Estate. 
Each person has his own ability and capacity. These can be used somehow to bring about a resurrection of his Parish.
Like Christ's resurrection from the dead?
I think so.


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