A Word to the Wise

Can You Love Mary too Much?

What do you think about Mary, Our Lady, old sage? Can we love her too much?
You ask a question that is central to the destructive forces of modernism?
I do?
Indeed. If you recall - at Fatima, 1917 - Our Lady said 'You saw hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them God wishes to establish in the world the devotion to my Immaculate Heart".
That is true.
Therefore, the contrary is the case - that failure to establish that devotion will result in even more souls going to hell. Is that not so?
Therefore, you will perceive that modernism's first priority was to remove Mary, The Immaculate Conception from The Church, from the world.
Their first priority?
Indeed. For Mary is The Woman of Scripture.
But more then that. You must also consider the word 'love' when you consider if Mary is loved too much.
Yes, I have thought this myself.
And what was your thoughts?
That 'love' is really The Eternal-spirit, Himself, and so when you say you 'love Mary' you are really sharing with her, The Eternal-spirit.
And so?
It is impossible to share too much of The Eternal-spirit, especially with The Mother of Jesus Christ.
You have answered your own question. It is virtually impossible to love Mary too much, if you are Catholic, adoring Christ in His Church, His Sacraments, in His Passion and if you devoutly follow the Pope, Jesus' Vicar on earth.
Indeed, the greater your love for Mary the greater your love for Jesus Christ.

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