A Word to the Wise

Catholic Church - A Church of Common Sense.

You are one who claims The Catholic Church and Her teachings are based on pure common sense, Old Sage.
Most certainly. Who would want to join any association, religious or not, that was not based on common sense?
Indeed. And how do you see that The Church has common sense?
Well, I suppose it's like investing in property. You check out the legality of buying it, the location, the size, the views, the soil, etc., and you make an intelligent decision.
How do you see that as a comparison?
Well, if you want to check out the legality of The Catholic Church, you check out whether She originates from Jesus Christ, Himself. Or does the religion originate from a man?
That's a good point Old Sage, because every religion seems to originate from a human person, rather then from God.
The Hebrews are an exception, as history and Scripture proves. They issue out of The Eternal-father and comprise the true family of God up until Christ and thereafter, found only in Catholicism.
What else?
Certainly one must look at what a religion teaches and if these teachings have proven to be absolutely reliable over long periods - from one century to another.
That cuts out a lot of religions which have sprung up over recent centuries. Last count I heard of was that there are more then 30,000 so-called Christian denominations!
Yes. And then, if you look at The Church's teaching on marriage and its sacred, unbreakable union for example, you'll easily see that the opposite - that is the break-up of the family -  is in opposition of God's intentions for His children, and causes calamities in every way, in every nation.
Yes, the old saying The nation is only as strong as the family unit, has certainly been proven to be correct.
It is the same with all Church Doctrine. They stand up to every inspection.
And how can it be any other way?


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