A Word to the Wise

On Becoming a Catholic

Entry into The Church

What is your suggestion for someone entering into The Catholic Church, old sage?

We have discussed this before. In many parts of Queensland the problems still remain - that is, how to become a real-Catholic, rather then be-got-at by the post-modernists.

Yes, we have. You have no further views on this?

I can only reinforce my views that anyone coming into The Church, or anyone helping others to come into The Church, should seek a Priest who retains the three characteristics of the real-Catholic:-
obedience to the Pope;
devotion to Mary;
adoration of Christ in The Holy Eucharist.

Yes, I suppose a lot has changed for the better in The Church but upfront, on ground-level, there is a lot that has not changed.

Still, we have The Catechism of The Catholic Church which is a must for anyone coming into Truth. It is a wonderful book.

And also the documents of Vatican Two.

Those documents are invaluable, certainly. I would also recommend the old fashioned 'Penny' Catechism, which is so simple, so full of wisdom, so complete in many, many ways.

It's about simplicity and Truth, is it not?

I would add to that 'and faith'. Because, while it is a simple thing to say 'God created all things' that is a statement that no-one can really understand. How did He do it? How did He make something out of nothing? These questions are beyond the complete understanding of even the greatest intellect outside of God.
Yet, on the other hand, the Truth that 'God created all things' is very easy to believe, simply because

there is no alternative.

I suppose a child who is taught about God and is told that 'God created all things' would easily see the Truth of this. But an adult who is told the same things would ask 'How?'

You have it! The difference is:- child-like faith.
Mind you, adults can also have a child-like faith.


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