A Word to the Wise


It has been mentioned that because Catholics believe in The Real Presence of Jesus Christ, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, then, when they go to receive Him under the appearances of bread and wine, they must be cannibals! They are eating The Flesh of Jesus! What do you have to say on that, old sage?
At first it would appear that this is a difficult question. That is because it is a difficult question.
So, your thoughts on this are?
You must turn your gaze to Heaven where God and His Children become One. We become totally united in The Godhead, sharing Jesus' Divinity.
And this relates to participation in The Holy Eucharist?
Yes. You see, in Heaven our unity is so absolute that individuals, while remaining individuals, are fully united like colours in the spectrum of light. There are innumerable colours but they are one light.
And so, you are saying?
I am saying that our sharing The Eucharist is a foretaste of Heaven wherebye we become One in our Lord and Saviour: He, for Whom only were we created.
So, we are talking about matter but also beyond matter?
Yes. We are talking about a foretaste of what we will find in The Kingdom of God,

where our sharing
of the Goodness
and Truth
and Love
of God

I begin to perceive insight of what you say! Thank-you, old friend.


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