A Word to the Wise

Gratitude to God

When you think about it, Old Sage, we really must be grateful to God for all the great Gifts He has given us.

True. It is the essence of  religion that man must show gratitude to God. Even the multi-god religions sought to show a certain gratitude by appeasing their gods in innumerable ways.

So, all such religions shared one Truth - that we should be grateful for what we have received from the divine.

In agreeing with that, I would note a huge difference between the religions of the world in their attitudes in gratitude to the Divine. 
In Catholicism, this gratitude to God has an extraordinary blush to its colour, for the real-Catholic MUST be grateful to God for everything he receives, not excluding any and every form of suffering.

You are correct Old Sage - this is a true but difficult virtue of The Church. I have plenty of trouble with that.

You are not alone in that. Even Jesus had trouble with that as we fully observe at Gethsemane when he perspired blood and desperately hinted in His prayer that He be spared His Cup of Suffering.

Yes, but He willed for His Father's Will.

Quite true. He knew that His Suffering, His Cross, would be the Salvation of all creation.

And so, the most precious Gift from God - ever!

Indeed! You might even say that one of God's greatest Gift is suffering.



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