A Word to the Wise

Lefebvre Schism

Well Old Sage, The Church continues its efforts to reunite with the separated Catholics of this schism.
You say 'Catholics'?
Certainly. The schism has attracted the most sincere Catholics around the world who found themselves encircled by the ultimate heresy of modernism.
Yes, I suppose you have a certain point there. The awfulness of modernism which spread poison into the very veins of The Universal Church, affected real-Catholics everywhere.
Definitely. The hurt and the agony of real-Catholics who found themselves enmeshed in anti-Catholic behaviour was quite intolerable. You and I know this - we have been there!
And your point is?
What would you do should the Lefebvre people be re-united to The Church?
While I thoroughly agree with the Holy Mass as it is now required by The Church, I would have to admit that I would make a direct line towards the closest Lefebvre church for Holy Mass!
But you said you totally support the Novus Ordo Mass?
Of course I do - The Church has so decreed. However, in my Parish the Novus Ordo Mass is celebrated by a post-modernist Priest,  and there is a longing in me for the Tridentine Mass.
The longing in you is for Holy Mass celebrated by a real-Catholic Priest, whether said in Latin or in English?
That is true, as well. Yet I also long for the beauty of the Latin Mass.


The Sacrament of Confession is a wondrous thing, old sage.
Yes indeed. This appreciation is another gift from God which we received as a result of modernism!
From modernism! Yes, you are probably right. We might not have understood its great wonder had this apostasy not appeared.
We have come to realise all the more that The Sacrament not only brings forgiveness of sins, rejoining the sinner to God and to His Church, but it provides Grace which strengthens the sinner.
I think we will know when The Church has regained Her full beauty and strength:- it will be when the faithful once more gather in great numbers for Reconciliation.
True. I look forward to that time. But in the meantime real-Catholics still avail themselves of the Sacrament because, when it all boils down,

it is a tribunal
of divine Mercy.

That is good old sage - a tribunal of divine mercy! Yes.

Caught Out

It seems to me that many of us avoid offending God because we are afraid of being caught out.
We have still avoided making offence.
Some of us also avoid sin because of the embarrassment of going to Confession with the sin.
That too.
It's hardly the best attitude to have is it old sage?
We should avoid sin because it offends God, who is so good and deserves our whole love.
Yet there is an imperfect but acceptable reason to avoid sin e.g. the fear of hell.
You are still pondering on the idea of being 'caught out'?
I suppose so.
That is the point about dealing with God - He is aware of everything we do, have done or will do. Being 'caught out' does not come into it with God. He knows. We know.
How insane it is then that men commit murder and then suicide, probably so as not to have to face the justice system and the world.
Yes, that is utter foolishness for such a person has to face His personal Judgment before The Almighty! He not only greatly offends God and his neighbour by murder but takes his own life probably through hatred and/or despair - adding sin upon sin.
Too awful to think about. So what is the answer in such situations, old sage?
Jesus said we must forgive - 'not seven times but seventy times seven'. That means forever.


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