A Word to the Wise

What About The World Today?

What about the world, old sage - it's worse then the time of Noah, I reckon?

I would not be surprised. One only has to consider abortion and official sanctions of homosexuality, etc.

Well, what is holding God back? He did something about it in Noah's day - why not now?

I suppose God has given the world His Universal Church and expects Her to be respected and followed.

Yet there are many in The Church who approve of some of the world's atrocities - or pretend they do not exist.

I can only think that God's Mercy is holding back His Justice, awaiting as many souls as possible to turn to Him.

It's not that I want Him to destroy everything as He did in Noah's day, but it is obvious humanity is unable to help itself. We need God to do something.

You have to remember that there are millions upon millions of good people around the world - it may even be that most people are as good as it is possible for them to be under the circumstances.

Well, you are a great optimist old sage.

I suppose I am but it is easy to be optimistic when you realise that

God is in control;
that Christ has won the battle on Golgotha.

Yes - I will just have to remember more often.

Nevertheless I would, at the same time, be prepared for any eventuality, for there are signs of change.


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