A Word to the Wise

Gifts from God

It is a fabulous gift from God - existence.
Existence. Yes, when we study the fact of existence - the gift of being - when once we were not even a glint in our fathers' eyes - what a supreme gift from The Creator. Yet there are billions of things that have existence. That we have the gift of being human is super-supreme.
And how do you perceive this greater status in existence, old sage?
I suppose there are many differences in one type of existence to another, but the fact that man is able to access Truth, is a momentous thing. Truth about God and about His creation.
Indeed. Truth is a Gift beyond compare. Through Truth we know Jesus and The Holy Trinity.
And there is another Gift which makes man different.
And that is?
It is freewill. Yes, animals have a certain type of freewill, but they never choose what relates to the Divine, as do humans.
Of course. Freewill is so precious. When man rebelled against God He could have taken our freewill away, I suppose. Yet instead God became Man and went through the Crucifixion instead.
You could look at it that way. Christ preserved man in his original status complete with access to Truth and the freewill to use or abuse It.
You are right about freewill, old sage. In using our freewill properly we then share in Love - in God's Love.
True also. One has to be swayed to the thinking that the freewill of mans' existence is totally vital. Each human is an entity through the Gift of freewill.
I think so. Without freewill the Gifts of existence, of Truth and even of Love mean nothing at all.
Yes, the freewill of man is the difference between man and other existences. The difference between man and robots.


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