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Musings 2001/154

she, the faithful image
of His goodness. P Wisdom 7:26.

It is an interesting point to note that this quotation from Wisdom refers to the Wisdom of God which can also be directed to The Word of God, Jesus Christ Himself. Yet The Church applies these words to Mary, as well!!
So, if anyone thinks that he might overcome evil and the source of evil, without the help of
The Woman of Scripture, let him think again.
Let him ponder upon the Scripture he so dearly venerates and look again at
The Woman, Mary, in Genesis 3:15:-

P And I will establish a feud
between thee and the woman
between thy offspring and hers;
she is to crush thy head,
while thou dost wait in ambush at her heels. P

Some translations would have it that the offspring crushes the head of the serpent, not the woman, but either way, the serpent is crushed either directly by the woman or indirectly through her offspring. Either way, the woman is indispensable.
Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with you

and so are your children
- your real children.

To defend the translation Full of grace, we note that the Church always uses that - but that goes back to the Vulgate of St. Jerome. Can we defend that? Yes.
St. Luke wrote
This is a perfect passive participle, and as such, is very strong. It is of the verb
charitoo. The verbs in oo normally mean to put a person or thing into the state indicated by the root. That root here is charis, which means favour or grace. But if we translate favour, we must keep firmly in mind that it does not mean God just sits there and smiles, giving nothing, so the person does something by his own power. That would be Pelagian.
So it is best to use grace.

Very importantly, the word
is used in place of a
personal name. 
That is comparable to our English pattern
of saying e.g., he is Mr. Tennis

- meaning the ultimate in the category of tennis.
So she is Miss Grace
- the ultimate in the category of grace.
The great
Fr. William Most here impresses upon us the wonder of The Immaculate Conception which is indicated by the use of full of grace by The Catholic Church - that is to say Grace personified:- Miss Full-of-Grace.
Come Holy Spirit
Thus in crying out for the coming of The Spirit we do so in co-operation with The full-of-grace Woman but also through her. That is why the wonderful prayer from the Blue Book of Father Gobbi is so powerful and meaningful.

P Come Holy Spirit,
come by means of the powerful intercession
of The Immaculate Heart of Mary,
Your well-beloved Spouse. P

According to article the summary of all errors is contained, herein, modernism proceeded in part at least, from another heresy - americanism.
Russell Shaw in his article states:-
P There's not a dime's worth of difference between Catholics and their fellow Americans now in moral outlook or religious practice. We fornicate at the same rate. We divorce at the same rate. We abort our children at the same rate. We are materially rich and so, in true chauvinistic fashion, we claim favoured-nation status before the Lord." That unflattering judgment appears in a recent article on Americanism by Father Rory Conley, a Washington, DC priest and student of Church history. Writing in Caelum et Terra (winter 1993),

he calls what has happened
"the triumph of Americanism
over the Roman Catholic Church in this country." P

That great and wonderful Pope, Leo XIII, condemned americanism in 1899!
That and modernism has been condemned so many times over the past century by almost every Pope and Bishop united to him. The errors of this apostasy has been documented in detail by so many writers in every generation, that the number would be very difficult to calculate!
These facts make it astonishing that we, on the Sunshine Coast, knew so little about the apostasy until two decades ago! Even now, the numbers here who are fully aware remain in the minority!
To me, it was a thing of total amazement, less then 20 years ago, when it finally dawned on me that The Universal Church in under extremely dangerous attack, not only from without, but even more so, from within!
And now, I find more and more evidence, that this attack has been known for well over a hundred years, to Church leaders!
Church leaders of every type, everywhere, have been trying desperately for 100 years to stamp out modernism and to inform Catholics of its extreme danger, of its very existence

without any obvious success!!!

Is this not a frightening thing?
Not only have the leaders been unable to inform Catholics of this menace to them - and to all peoples -

but the ordinary 'Catholic'
has been brain-washed so much
in the meantime
so as to absorb almost anything
as part of his religion,
that when proof
of the menace is presented to him,
he is unable to recognise it as such!!!

As evidence of this, we only have to remind ourselves of the recent publicity of pro-witchcraft and pro-lesbian 'nuns', who received sympathy from local Church leaders, from the Archbishop down, while critics of the 'nuns' were attacked!
Diabolical Blindness
The modernists, or as some now call them the postmodernists, have achieved amazing success in remaining concealed

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