A Word to the Wise

1st. July, 2007

Well old sage, I tried to get as many people as possible to say the prayer 'Deliver us from Evil', on this day.
Yes. I said the prayer.
I knew not what to expect but I suppose we were all hopeful that the world might experience the Presence of The Holy Spirit.
And did the world experience the Presence of The Holy Spirit?
Hang on, old sage. That's my question to you!
What do you think?
Ok. Hmmm. Well, I guess I did feel the Spirit's Presence - and since then, I feel that the world is a more beautiful place. But, that's only me. What about you?
I too feel the world is a more beautiful place, since that day. Perhaps the crispness of the winter atmosphere is the cause?
Of course. I guess it is not what we feel but what the world feels?
You were expecting miracles?
Well, I suppose I was expecting some sign that the whole world had turned back to God. Or that God was about to do something about it.
It is a fine thing to have hope, and it is a fine thing to have confidence in God's Will - yet one must be patient sometimes in awaiting God's pleasure, in what He does and when He does it, with His creation.
Yet He hears the prayers of His children.
Indeed, He hears them perfectly, precisely, and answers them totally, according to His Mercy and Love.
You have said it yourself - God hears our prayers and answers them.
Have you done what you set out to do, as best you can? Having in mind that you are ready to accept God's adorable Will?
There is always the possibility (probability?) that I could have done better.
So what do you now deduce?
There is only one thing - persevere in patience and hope.
Add to that, this:- keep the Faith. Continue to look for the miracles. Who knows, they may already be before us.


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