A Word to the Wise


Well, old sage, now that the Limbo drama has settled down, what do you think about it all?
What do you think is the common opinion?
In this area, I would suspect that most people think that The Church has abolished Limbo. One person was a bit mixed up and thought that it was Purgatory  that was abolished!
But The Church has neither abolished Limbo or Purgatory!
I know. But the commission set up by The Church hints that Limbo is a little old-hat and might not really reflect the Mercy of God.
And what if Limbo were abolished?
That proposition was not directly considered, but the commission proposes that God has His ways and means of saving souls.
We have to look at what Limbo means.
A place for the unbaptised?
That is part of it. However, Limbo has meant 'the fringe of hell' and the great Augustine felt obliged to state that it was a part of hell.
Yes, he did.
In that case, if Limbo were abolished would that not then mean that the souls of Limbo would be assigned to hell proper?
Most have taken it for granted that if Limbo were abolished, then the souls of Limbo would go to Heaven.
But is that, in fact, the case?
No-one knows. Now that you point out the meaning of Limbo, a simple abolishment of Limbo, instead of having a positive effect, might have a negative one!
Indeed. Therefore, unless The Church declares a positive stance on Limbo, declaring the means of Salvation of those souls, it would be wise to leave things be.
And it seems to me that that is exactly the present situation. That is, there is no change to Church teaching.
Yes, I see it that way.


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