A Word to the Wise

Real-Catholic Unity

Well Old Sage, I've put out a few petitions to get the Tridentine Mass said in the Parish.
And you have had no success?
You've guessed it. I am astonished at the objections that real-Catholics bring up!
What did you expect?
After all these years of modernism and its deceptions, I expected people lining up to sign such a petition.
Surely with the Pope giving us the go-ahead to bring in a sort of balance into The Church by this great support of tradition; to bring back the mystery and devotion of Holy Mass, real-Catholics should jump at the opportunity.
I would have thought so. So what type of objections?
There is no serious objection. Just worries about details, like how many Latin Masses should we ask for - and when and where - and what Priest will say them - and finicky details like that which, in the long run, are not for us to decide, anyway. Some put up conditions to sign!
Isn't the whole point to get back the Latin Mass once or twice a week?  Not just for parishioners but also for the SSPX people who would need a weekly Mass.
Isn't the main aim to have the Parish Priest give earliest thoughts to this?
Then what you say is indeed a sorrowful situation. An opportunity comes along to help The Church return to the fullness of Catholicism and real-Catholics are squabbling about details, showing no unity.
That's it in a nutshell.
If this is the unity in real-Catholics in this area, then we will have ourselves to blame for continued post-modernism.


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