A Word to the Wise


Well Old Sage, post-modernism still persists in The Church.
You sound resigned to it?
I suppose when you first discover a disease you have confidence you will overcome it, but when it hangs around you begin to lose assurance.
And having faced the full awfulness of modernism only to find is lingers on, it begins to seem that it is a permanent disablement?
I suppose so. The Church has faced this diabolical infection and come out strong, whole and healthy, but has to continue the warfare. She has no respite.
But the post-modernists are now becoming less and less numerous. And they hold less and less positions of importance in The Church.
Still, it seems just like any ordinary organisation trying to weed out infiltrators. It's plain hard work and takes a long, long time for the Magisterium - there's no miracles which suddenly change the post-modernists into real-Catholics!
I suspect that it's a bit like a game of footy, where pressure from one team builds up and builds up. Where the game was without scores and just plain hard grinding, suddenly the pressure takes effect and a collapse takes place and virtually, the game is over.
Some more patience? Some more perseverance, old sage?
Of course. And with peace.
So, patience, perseverance and peace. The old three-p trick?


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