A Word to the Wise

Australian Election 2007

Old Sage, Australians have elected a socialist government!
I know it!
I have to say I do not understand the Australian voter! The history of socialist government in Australia and its states, has been pretty dismal. How does the voter select the worst of a bad lot?
That I don't know!
It has to be connected with modernism in the world over the past century where deception has won a temporary defeat over reality, don't  you think?
The media had a great deal to do with this result.
But still the basic failures are history. There is no proof that it will now be different this time.
Yes, history shows socialism as a complete failure. But the voter seems to think that today is different from yesterday! Or perhaps, they have simply forgotten yesterday!
So ?
We will just have to pray even harder for our elected leaders.
That's not much consolation Old Sage.
It is a consolation, all the same.


This evolution business, Old Sage - it just keeps on and on.
You mean even though Darwin's evolutionary theories have been scientifically proven totally false, they are still perpetuated by the media in general and even by some educational systems?
Yes, I do. It makes you wonder just how long a deception can be carried on!
It is quite incredible indeed! Not only has science proven Darwin's theories on evolution wrong, but merely by using one's common sense, shows his theories as false.
You speak of ..?
I speak of the fact known to science and to everyone who cares to think a little, that the human mind functions at far less then its capacity! Science suggests at only 10%!!
Well, my mind functions at a pretty low rate.
What does that tell you?
Well, it tells me that Original Sin has deteriorated the human being and we function very badly because the devil exercises immense intimidation upon us.
That is true, but the point I am making, is that if we function only at a miserable 10% then doesn't that mean we have gone backwards? Whereas evolution would have it that we are going forward!
That's not a bad point Old Sage. If we function at only 10% of our efficiency, then somewhere we have lost 90% of our capacity. We have gone backwards alright!


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