A Word to the Wise

Prayer of The Faithful

We discussed before Old Sage, the prayer of the Faithful during Holy Mass.
More then once; yes.
In this era of post-modernism, surely the Faithful should listen carefully to what is said on behalf of the Faithful?
We must keep our ears open for social or political propaganda.
Indeed. And where we find something that even hints of modernism, we should refrain from sharing in 'Lord, hear our prayer'.
We should keep silent?
Of course.

The Real Presence in The New Era

What are your thoughts on the Era of Peace, Old Sage?
You have something specific in mind?
What about everyone recognising the Real Presence of Jesus in The Eucharist?
I expect the Era of Peace will include the Era of The Eucharist, recognised by everyone!
And then we will approach the Altar with trepidation; with holy fear of the Lord.
Indeed. The attitude of everyone will be transformed. Catholics will not be excluded, even though they are supposed to have already recognised the Real Presence.
That is so true. We will be going to Confession very often. We will prepare ourselves with the cloak of humility and even then, we will brace ourselves with courage and hope for mercy.
My friend, we will do much more then that. We will be anxious, most anxious, to approach our Saviour with our soul in a state of perfection - and our body too - so that we might meet The Christ, person to Person, with a view to delighting Him.
Well said, Old Sage.
But the final word on this fantastic situation.
Yes . ?
If we will go to that extent when the whole world realises The Real Presence in The Catholic Church, then

why do Catholics fail to do that NOW?

Hmmmm .?


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