A Word to the Wise


What is wisdom Old Sage?
Wisdom has a great variety of meanings - probably as many meanings as there are people who deeply think about it.
Yes, but there must be a meaning that is acceptable before Truth?
Indeed. But what?
That's my question!
One thing - wisdom is not Truth, but is associated with Truth. Wisdom can be associated with God but it is not a virtue of God.
Are you saying that God does not have wisdom?
Of course God does not have wisdom. God has Knowledge - Eternal-knowledge and so does not need wisdom.
Yes. I suppose wisdom is needed only by those who have to make assessments, looking at probabilities; not knowing the future and not knowing all the facts involved with a decision.
Correct. God's decisions are far beyond wisdom.
So wisdom belongs to creatures who must make decisions with a limited intellect and with limited facts.
As you say, wisdom is available to those who have intellects and facts on which to contemplate. Therefore, wisdom that would be acceptable to Truth, is that wisdom of the healthy human being (or of an Angel) who has fullest access to Truth.
So, is that wisdom?
As a matter of fact, I think there is more to it. I think God gives wisdom to the humble and even the ignorant.
How does that work?
I think that true wisdom is found in virtue. That is, for example, in obedience and humility!
You are saying that those who practice the true virtues make the wisest decision in that they decide to place their spiritual welfare in God's Hands.
Yes, but that is not to forfeit an informed conscience. They must still maintain a full survey of their progress towards God.
And how do we do that?
Simple. Use the Sacraments as The Church instructs.


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