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Musings 2001/154

so well for so long. And then, because they have succeeded so well in proclaiming so many deceptions - indeed, another 'gospel' -  that the average 'Catholic' no longer knows his Faith!
On pondering this, many of us have come to the inevitable conclusion that an awful blindness has inserted itself upon the planet.
That is why most 'Catholics' fail to be conscious of

what their ears clearly hear

in sermons, corrupted liturgies and by word of mouth, that is, that their Faith is being systematically eroded and falsified.
That is why 'Catholics' fail to be conscious of

what their eyes clearly observe

in newspapers - especially 'Catholic' newspapers - documents and books.
That is why 'Catholics' fail to be conscious of

what their gut-feeling clearly tells them

when their children suddenly, in early adulthood, cease to practise the Faith.
That is why, when they do ask a rare question on obvious corruptions, 'Catholics'

accept any stupid reasoning
and any false explanation

handed to them.
That is why 'Catholics' are content NOT to compare what they were taught in their prime to the nonsense they now accept and themselves propagate!
It is most fortunate, then, that modernism has had its day and this diabolical blindness will soon cease.
Pope John Paul II in his
Vatican II Was Spirit's Gift to the Church points to a new era of success for The Church:

P 9. The "little seed" which John XXIII planted
"with anxious mind and hand"

(Apostolic Constitution Humanae salutis, 25 December 1961) in the Basilica of St Paul-Outside-the-Walls on 25 January 1959, when he announced his intention to convoke the 21st Ecumenical Council in the Church's history,

has grown and become a tree
which now spreads its majestic and mighty branches
in the Vineyard of the Lord.

It has already produced many fruits in its 35 years of life, and it will produce many more in the years to come.

A new season is dawning before our eyes: 
it is time for deep reflection on the Council's teaching,
time to harvest all
that the Council Fathers sowed
and the generation of recent years
has tended and awaited. P


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