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Musings 2001/153

but they are filled
with tremendous excitement
for they know that the burden
a real Grace from God in itself
will soon be removed
and their Church will be restored
to its statue and splendour best described
as the pillar and ground of the truth.

They are FILLED with joy and excitement
because they know it is
a very rare privilege
to carry the Cross of The Church
comparable, only,
to Christ's carrying His Cross to Calvary!
A very narrow view of Christianity!?
His Grace has this also to say about us!
I have difficulty in writing to this obvious error, for I would have to compete with him on his own stance in this ragged matter - casting insults.
Well, I suppose I could put it this way. We real Catholics have the same view of Christianity as does the Pope, for we follow him implicitly. If the Archbishop condemns us for such a
narrow view, then his Grace is saying the same of the Pope!
On the other hand he is quite wrong if he thinks the real Catholics do not have a most full view of The Catholic Church.
If his Grace means that we restrict The Church to real Catholicism, rejecting all that is anti-Catholic, to the best of our ability - and I think that is exactly what he means - then he is correct.
He might think, too, that in our rejection of, for example, witch-craft, we would also reject the person involved in this evil.
That is not so at all. The real Catholic detests the sin but reaches out for the sinner, for this is what The Church teaches; what the Pope teaches.
The Campaign of Hatred!?
Wayne Smith's article also contends that the Archbishop is taken aback by the hatred feeding the campaign, hatred that is, of his critics!!
Now, this is either a blatant deception by Smith or a very sad description of the attitude of his Grace and his advisers. Because Catholics want to see the Archdiocese run by an Archbishop who will brook no deliberate anti-Catholic behaviour amongst his flock, that does not mean they hate him.
Indeed, if he took up the challenge of restoring full Catholicism to his seminary, schools and Parishes, then Catholics, here and around the world, would rightly make him a hero; a champion.
But, even if he does not take up the challenge, even then, there is no hatred involved in any action by Catholics in fighting for Truth.
Smith mentions that his Grace has
many supporters - does this include the pro-witchcraft 'nuns'? - but

when his Grace reaches Heaven
he will find
that the great, great majority of prayers
that brought him there
came from the real Catholics.

Tony Dixon
Tony has spoken out in favour of true Catholicism in the Archdiocese. Now, Smith reports, Tony has been relieved of his duties as reader and special minister in his Grace's Cathedral!
On being told, the Archbishop approved!
Well, well, well.
If Tony has been so relieved of his duties for expressing his opinion, then that is gross injustice by Archdiocesan officials and by his Grace in so approving.
Has any of the exposed 'nuns' or Priests - as mentioned in the article - been relieved of their duties? They who were shown to be rebellious - do they still go on with what they have been doing?
According to the article, the only other ones, that have been relieved of their duties, the
liberal teachers at Banyo seminary, were as a result of an inspection by Bishop Legaspi, on behalf of the Vatican.
Opus Dei
Not content with attacking real Catholics of the laity, Smith goes on to make indecent suggestions about Opus Dei, respected by the Pope and all Catholics around the world.
Smith seems to attack this great organisation, whose founder will soon be proclaimed a Saint by The Church, and seems to do so
on behalf of his Grace. His Grace allows the inference to proceed and even propounds it when he states You never know much about them really.
The Judgment of his Grace
In short, the judgmental attitude by the Archbishop on the very serious matter of the pro-witchcraft 'nuns', seems to come out condemning, not the 'nuns', not the Courier Mail who reported the awful affair, but real Catholics!
What? you cry in disbelief.

'Nuns' may promote lesbianism
and Priests may advocate the quick death
of the Pope
and novelty may reign in The Holy Sacrifice
- all mentioned in the same article -
but his Grace cracks down
on the Catholic laity
who oppose these dreadful things!

Smith's article is an article obviously slanted so that none of the Courier Mail's readers will stop buying his paper - he offends all sides, equally, even if he fails to grasp the real story.
He did point out that when 'Christ' was taken out of 'Christianity', what remains is
insanity. So very true, for Christ is Truth.
He did sneer, in between the lines, at the Archbishop's suggestion that the pro-witchcraft 'nuns' have been infected by
As it well deserved.
Smith highlighted his sneering when he commented on
Priests advising their congregations to pray for the death of John Paul II, when he added: Silly stuff indeed.
And so it goes - the saga goes on.
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