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Non-denominational Christians

We read some strange things at times, Old Sage. What do you think about this writing from a non-denominational Protestant:-
..sadly I feel as Christians if we condemn others at all, let alone without the facts than where is our Love, no wonder when Non Believers see we are not in Unity they doubt what we share about Jesus' Love,
It is typical of human nature. The very faults we accuse others of, are often our very own.
That's seems to be the case, alright.
One of the great tragedies in Christendom is the hatred that many 'Christians' show towards The Church of Christ, as lead by the Pope of Rome.
So true, Old Sage. I come across it often. It is an awful thing.
And a common trait amongst these 'Christians' is, as well as maligning The Church on every possible occasion, they do this without knowing the facts.
Just as that person criticised!
Exactly. We must remember however, that there is deception overshadowing the world; overshadowing every sphere of human endeavour, especially religion.
And so charity is the word; and patience and forgiveness.
And perseverance.


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