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More on Non-denominal Chriostians

What more have you to say about 'non-denominational' Christians, Old Sage?
As I suggest. Another deception for the unwary.

It sounds good, doesn't it?

With the incredible number of divisions in Christendom, one might be tempted to think that they have got something right!
No, They do not have unity, each person interpreting Scripture for himself, just as do numerous Protestants.
One has to look at Catholicism and bear in mind that The Catholic Church is not a denomination.
Ah! Right.
The Catholic Church is The Church of Christ, beginning and end of story.
I see. Separated Christians or others may call themselves denominations of Christendom, but The True-church of Christ is not a denomination in the real sense, at all. It is The Church within which Christianity in its full Truth, Love and Goodness, resides!
You have it. As you now understand Catholicism is the only real non-denominational Christian structure in the world.


Infallible Christians

Old Sage, I have had a some correspondence with non-Catholics. They leave me--I hate to say it--in a state of anger.
We must be very wary of those who claim to be Christian, especially if they base everything on Scripture.
But Scripture is the Word of God.
Most certainly. But these 'Christians' read Scripture to suit their deceptions.
That is certainly true.
They refuse credence to Christ's passing on of His Power to Peter, for example, although this is absolutely plain in Scripture.
Yes indeed. They do their utmost in rewording or re-translating or finding false meaning to Scripture even as they claim adherence to Scripture.
We have to remember to treat these 'Christians' with charity for they are truly blinded. But in doing so, we must be wary of their treacheries, as well.
Indeed. Be very wary of them in their proclamations of Scripture, for they are in darkness, but never fall for their little tricks such as:- 'Read your Bible but ask for God's wisdom first and believe you have received it, stop trusting in your own understanding or others'.
That is treacherous. They want us to forsake The Church's teaching and believe in our own interpretation of Scripture, just as they do!
So it is. And thus we have tens of thousands of 'Christians' denominations all of whom are 'infallible' in their knowledge of Scripture!


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