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Talking to anti-Catholics is an upsetting thing, Old Sage. They attack the basic Dogmas of The Universal Church!
Not surprising, is it? They come up with some Scriptural quotation that, at first glance, seems to undermine our most precious beliefs.
That is the way they operate; all the while infallibly  claiming (in their minds) that all Truth can be found in Scripture!
Certainly Holy Scripture contains only Truth and certainly all Truth corresponds with Scripture. But of course all Truth is not contained in Holy Scripture.
You say of course?
If all Truth were found in Scripture, Scripture would say so. It does not say so!
Correct. The Church states Truth is also found in Tradition. In fact, Scripture issues out of Tradition, as history clearly shows.
Nevertheless, one matter is extremely important in dealing with these anti-Catholics. We need to bear in mind at all times that The Church is infallible.
So very true.
We must remember that Church Doctrine will always--always--be found  absolutely The Truth. Anti-Catholics have been attacking Church Doctrine for 2,000 years and, to this day, have always failed--always will.


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