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Fabrication of History

I mentioned Windschuttle's book
The Fabrication of Aboriginal History (The Stolen Generation) to an associate; how he has shown the mainline historians up as incredible deceivers.
I have read his first volume. It is filled with references as you would expect from good historians.
This volume, the third one, also has innumerable references.
When I mentioned this, this associate simply refused to accept that the accepted history is
Do not be surprised for there is a blindness around the world and even worse, there are those who prefer the blindness!
Indeed, but when you come across this blindness face-to-face so to speak, it is startling! This same person accepts what he sees on television!
Mankind is in an awful situation. Thank The Good Lord for His Mercy.
Yes. I am beginning to realise how desperate we need the great Mercy of Our Lord.


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