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The Catholic Priest

We have some Priests in The Universal Church who seem to have lost their way, don't you think Old Sage?
It is true that we hear some original and novel ideas from the pulpit and the Priest allows novelties during Holy Mass.
Still, their days are numbered because modernism has had its day.
Also true. It is important to remember however, that the Priest acts in the very Person of Jesus Himself.
Yes, I know but that is hard to accept at times.
Indeed. However, I was reminded recently, after Holy Mass ended, that the Priest is truly Jesus-amongst-us.
In the Tabernacle Space I have been exceptionally fortunate in realising in my soul, in my very person--even physically--that Jesus Christ is truly present. It is a spiritual Grace given by God to His little servant.
The Presence of Jesus is impressed upon me. I can say that I am transfixed, mesmerised, by His Presence.
Are you then saying that Jesus' Presence is the same in the Catholic Priest?
What I am saying is that, when I contemplated the Priest moving through the church after Holy Mass, I was again transfixed by the Presence of Jesus.
Old Sage, that is so absolutely delightful.


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