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Abortion and Confession

It seems that the abortion industry continues to expand around the world, Old Sage!
One might put considerable blame for this on the world's defiance of Paul IV's Humanae Vitae, which forbids artificial contraception.
I can see that. This defiance has encouraged a disdain for the right to life of the unborn.
Yes, a mentality that has certainly done great damage in every way--in families, in marriage,  in The Church Herself.
There is no doubt that artificial-contraceptive mentality is poisoned in many ways which must have awful results, everywhere.
There is a particular evil that has issued from the defiance of Humanae Vitae and that relates to the Sacrament of Confession.
How do you see that, Old Sage?
As you know Confession is often made to look like an old-fashioned, unnecessary part of The Church. Those who practise the use of artificial contraceptives who remain in The Church, are relieved that Confession is no longer pressed upon them by the Priest.
There was a time when Catholics would have gone to Confession to get the Priest's advice on such matters.
And hopefully that will return shortly. But with the modernist persuasion 'follow your conscience', and 'hell does not exist', these people ignore the natural law written in their hearts and choose to follow a conscience not properly informed.
So, you are saying that a large number of 'Catholics' avoid Confession because of their use of artificial contraception?
I think so. Their avoidance of Confession then gives credence to the modernist anti-Confession attitude. One builds on the other.


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