A Word to the Wise

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How do you perceive 'wisdom' Old Sage?
Wisdom? Yes. Wisdom is for the creature, who gropes through this creation of The Almighty, in his sinfulness. He gathers information and assembles it and thinks to read the future from that or to gain greater knowledge of what he has assembled
So The Creator does not have wisdom?
Not at all. The Creator is above wisdom for He knows all things.
You then believe that man has wisdom?
No, I do not. I say that he is capable of wisdom.
Ah! So man may choose to dismiss wisdom?
Indeed. To have true wisdom, a man must perceive The Almighty in the universe around him. That means a man must have humility for he must therefore perceive himself as a creature.
That should be easy for us I suppose, but when I look around, I see mostly pride and vanity.
As you say. So many live in an unreal world, where God does not exist, and in discovering the great things of God's creation, thinks himself a genius and in his genius, mistakes that for wisdom.
What is real wisdom then, Old Sage?
I have already told you--humility. Humility is true wisdom for in humility you find obedience and in obedience, you find Salvation.


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