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New Liturgy Translation

The new Translation for Holy Mass does not seem to have that many changes, Old Sage?
Then why are the post-modernists up-in-arms about it?
I wondered about that.
They are upset because there are quite a few changes, but more importantly, changes that are important.
Perhaps, also, they were expecting some changes that suited their anti-Catholic attitude?
That is probable and we may learn more about their dissatisfaction when the Gospel/Epistle translations become available.
How then do you view the new translation, Old Sage?
I see three types of change, bearing in mind that the original language is Latin. First there is the more expressive changes such as 'consubstantial with The Father' instead of 'of one being with The Father'. 'Consubstantial' of course, is the favoured description of The Church.
Then there is the deliberate erroneous translations, where,, for example, 'I believe in one God' is returned in place of the corrupted 'We believe in one God'.
And thirdly, there is the amazing fact that words were actually, simply, left out, now brought back in, such as 'through my fauly, through my fault, through my most grievous fault'.
Yes, I am beginning to see that the changes are most important.


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